Fanski the word is made from two terms FANtasy and SKIlled. This means that under Fanski we cover both Fantasy Sports and Skilled Games. We are an i-gaming entertainment portal that provides Blogs, news, live scores, etc. We are your i-gaming assistant for both Fantasy Sports and Skilled Games. Here, you will find blogs on fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Hockey, Poker, Ludo, and Pubg. We are the 1st website that provides content such as prediction blogs, news, Live scores on the above mentioned sports, and informative blogs on the topics we cover. For you we have videos that will help you understand match prediction in a very better way. We understand that this i-gaming concept is not familiar to most of the people. So, visit our page everyday for superb content of fantasy sports and Skilled Games. know more about Fanski click here

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