A Power to Online Gaming Start Ups as India Locks Down Due to Corona Virus.

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The Online Gaming industry has earned growth in both the ways economically and also in fame. Especially the start-ups in India have grown big time because the country is locked down due to Covid-19 and people are in quarantine. The only options for them to spend time are tv, and the internet. So many of them have turned toward online gaming to spend their time in this quarantine.

This has turned into a great opportunity for online gaming start-ups to increase their player market as well as their growth simultaneously. Due to workload many people were not getting time to play their favourite games before this pandemic and lockdown. But, now amid coronavirus people have been playing their favourite online games as well as with that they are also giving a try to new games that are available and according to their taste.

As per KPMG report India has a great market of online gaming. We have also seen news portals/channels coming up with the news that India’s online gaming market is increasing after the launch of Pubg. Pubg was the main reason for i-gaming market growth in the country. The other reason for this growth could be because many online gaming start-ups have real money applications to play and win money from.

Today the world is fighting a pandemic Covid-19 and the number of deaths is increasing day by day. To avoid the spread of the disease in the country, PM Narendra Modi has locked down the country for 21 days. So, online games are the best option to kill time and also to earn money sitting home. We may see the biggest start-ups growth in the country ever as this situation has occurred for the very first time. Hope this was informative.