Who started online Poker in India?

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In the late 1990’s in Goa, the very first casino was started. The reason behind this was to encourage tourism in the Country. In 1988 Congress Government introduced the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). Which indirectly made games under Casino legal in india. In the same 1990’s online poker was started and was also available for people to play and earn real money.

Planet Poker was the first online poker game in the world, which was also available for Indian’s to play and win. Later, Pokerstars was also available for people to play poker for real money which was an Israel based company. In 2003 ,they started WSOP (World Series of Poker) for people to play poker for free. Even today the game is still on the top of the ist when it comes to rate poker websites.
Many Applications have online poker on real money and also for free. But, the one that started online poker for the first time in India is still there on the top 10’s lists. Today, online poker has become a sensation in the online gaming world. Applications like Spartan poker, Pokerbaazi, Games91, Adda52 are the prime applications that have poker for real money.

According to the KPMG report India and USA are the two countries that have the biggest player market in the world for poker. Now coming to the very first offline poker means poker that is played in Casinos. Goa as I mentioned earlier was the very first and still is the hub for Indian Casinos. That means it is wise to say that the biggest poker hub is also Goa. The prime casinos are Deltin Royale, Casino Prime, Big Daddy and Deltin Jaqk.
So, are you playing poker in the applications that are mentioned above? If yes then you are lucky enough to play in applications which were the pioneer of the online poker industry in the country. The remaining are the top apps so don’t worry about it because you are in the right place. This was about online poker and just a glimpse of casinos that have poker. Hope this was informative.