Effect of Corona on Real Life Sports vs Fantasy Sports!

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The pandemic that has killed more than 50 thousand people and has affected more than 10 lakh people in the whole world. It has not affected people but their businesses also, because of this pandemic. To avoid the community of this disease many events including sports have been either cancelled or postponed. It’s a disease that has made countries go under lockdown.
All the real sports events are either cancelled or postponed as I mentioned above.
The news was also that for the first time even Olympics were postponed until further notice. This has caused a great loss in both the sports sector online fantasy sports as well as real life sports. One of the biggest fantasy sporting events, the Indian Premier League was also postponed. The fantasy cricket platforms had invested a lot of money in the marketing before IPl and now after this sudden postponement they had to do that again before the real event starts. The income of many fantasy sports companies is also decreased because of this pandemic.
If the virus continues to grow then this could lead to even the downfall of companies and many people may lose their lives. Today the superpower countries like China, United states, Germany and even Russia are the countries that have reported most deaths because of this pandemic. Till the things get normal there are no signs for any sports event to start in any part of the world. They currently have very negative effects on both real life sports and fantasy sports.
The WHO (world health organisation) and ICC have given signals that all the sporting events can be postponed till 30th of June if the situation is not controlled or taken care off soon. I would end by saying that follow the government and the quarantine be safe so that the pandemic could stop and things can be brought back on track again.