List of Indian Premier League Awards

List of Indian Premier League Awards
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Organized by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL), a Twenty20 cricket competition, has been entertaining cricket fans worldwide. Global IPL fans eagerly wait for the game to start in March or April every year. 

The cricket tournament has emerged as one of the grand opportunities for talented cricket players in the cricket world. Talent is not only bound up to India, as talented cricketers from other countries around the globe can participate in the tournament. Cricketers can earn huge money and exposure through IPL. Cricket champions are also felicitated with several awards at the end of every edition. 

Here is a list of Indian Premier League awards: 

  • Orange Cap

The batsman with the most runs will wear the Orange Cap while hitting the cricket pitch running, while the Orange Cap Award will go to the batsman with the overall highest runs. 

  • Purple Cap

The bowler with the most wickets will wear the Purple Cap while hitting the cricket pitch running, while the Purple Cap Award will go to the bowler with the overall highest wickets. 

  • Maximum Sixes Award

The batsman who gains the overall highest sixes will win the “Maximum Sixes Award.”

  • Most Valuable Player

Winning the most valuable player of the series is the dream of almost all cricketers in IPL. It is dependent upon a unique point calculating system. 

  • Player of the Match (Final)

The player who contributes to changing the match result in an IPL match will win the “Man of the Match” award. 

  •  Player of the Series

The player with the most runs and wickets will win the “Player of the Series” award. 

  • Emerging Player of the Year

The player (born on or after 1 April 1993) who gives the tournament’s breakthrough performance will win the award. 

  • Fair Play Award

The team who gains the best record of fair play will get the “Fair Play Award.” 

The 2020 Indian Premier League is on the way to explore the potential of cricket players once again and honor deserving cricketers with several awards. It is utterly intriguing to see who will grab such prizes with their brilliant performance.

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