games91 added Slice Fruit and KnifeNinja to its Practice Games

games91 added Slice Fruit and KnifeNinja to its Practice Games
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The online gaming company games91 has recently introduced two new online games on its platform, namely Slice Fruit and KnifeNinja. They are added to the section of Practice Games. 

Fruit Slice is a skill-based fruit game where gamers have to cut fruits and score points. You have to use a shuriken to slice fruits. It seems easy to play, but your coordination of vision and reaction is required here. It is a fun and exciting game to enjoy in your spare time and keep your brain working and active. Three game modes are available, namely Arcade, Zen, and Frenetic. 

Knife Ninja is also a skilled game where players have to hit tomatoes and score points by throwing knives. You have to use nine knives to hit the object in the middle of the screen to complete each level. Hitting any of the knives on the center object will make you lose the game. It is a fun-addicting and really brain challenging game, where also your vision and reaction are a must. 

games91 is such an amazing online gaming platform where anyone can challenge their friends for Slice Fruits and KnifeNinja for high scores and achievements coupled with showing how smart you are in your gameplay. Gamers can play both online games on their mobile devices and tablets within a few clicks at fingertips. 

How to play Slice Fruits and KnifeNinja on Indian online gaming platform games91?

  1. Visit the games91 website. Click on the button “Download Player App”
  2. After downloading and installing the games91 app, go to the online gaming spot. 
  3. Click on any of the games under the “Practice Games” section. 

The games91 app is supportive of users having Android smartphones. Gaming enthusiasts like you have the fun and excitement of playing such online games in your hands every time wherever you go.

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