Minissha Lamba: Poker Games to Play Online Is Something That Happened By Chance

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The popular Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba has opened up about her film career and her views on the poker games to play online.In a recent interview with one of the leading media houses, Minissha Lamba stated that even though she wanted to be a journalist, she has ended up finding comfort and fulfillment in the world of acting.

Is she a professional poker now?
Minissha Lamba stated that poker was a game that happened by chance. She went on to admit that the game was becoming hugely popular in India. She also admitted to playing poker during her free time majorly for leisure. To this top actress, poker is a very inclusive game that anyone can learn to play wherever they are in the world. She went on to state the fact that poker has no qualifying criteria and that all one needs is to make a deposit and play the game in the comfort of their rooms.

What are the Popular Poker Games to Play Online?
To Minissha Lamba and other poker games to play online lovers, there are many poker games to play online across the globe. If you are a poker enthusiast, then it is possible for you to join other online players for a higher stake. You will also have access to more challenging online games.
The following are some of the popular online poker games played worldwide:

Texas Hold’Em- This is the most popular real money poker game online. This poker variant is so well known it has earned its place in some major movies. In this game, the players are dealt two cards and three community cards. The three community cards are dealt face up. Then the five free cards are dealt face up in three stages.

Omaha- Omaha is another very popular gaming platform. It shares the same gaming rules as Texas Hold’Em. Typically, the game starts with the distribution of four cards to the players. You should make the best hand using two of the cards. A player will also have an addition of three of the five community cards.

Stud- This is one of the popular poker games to play online that comes with several versions. Typically, this game is a poker variant, and you will receive both faces up and face down cards. In this game, there is no community cards dealt. The majority of your hands will be dealt face up.
Although there are different kinds of stud game, most players prefer the 5 and 7 card stud. The seven-card stud is one of the popular poker variants in the world owing to its high availability of pots. The seven-card stud comes with five betting rounds. It is not advisable to bet with a weak hand in this game as it hides little from the other players.

Five-card draw- If you are looking for a simple game to play online, then this is the ideal game for you. -The game is also suitable for a new poker player keen on learning the ropes of the game. With this game, each of the players is dealt five faces down cards. You will be able to make a draw from the pack as you put one or more of your cards back into the deck at the bottom of it. You can bet after each draw. For you to win, you must be the player with the best five-card hand.


Many celebrities like Minissha Lamba are playing and investing in poker games to play online. Their involvement gives poker credibility it needs. You can register today to be part of the poker action. Source: