Quiz Game’s Popularity Grows At Rapid Pace

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On your television, you may see and enjoy people participating in Quiz game competitions. Or you might have participated in any Quiz competition in your school or college time at an amateur level or a professional level.

The popularity of Quiz game is rapidly growing as time passes by due to increasing Quiz lovers. As you perhaps know, Quiz game helps in self expression and self improvement.

Although many Quiz enthusiasts want to test their knowledge on online gaming platforms, space agencies, and statutory professional bodies, they have to know on which subject these platforms are organising Quiz competitions at first.

Space agencies like the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and statutory professional bodies like the Institute of Company Secretariat (ICSI) supported and already announced Online Quiz on their platforms respectively.

On 16 August, 2019, by tweeting ISRO was inviting school students from 8th to 10th standard from each State and Union Territory to participate in an online Quiz game competition and watch the landing of Chandrayaan 2 on the Moon with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi in Bengaluru Centre by winning. The online Quiz competition was being organized with the helping hand of from 10th to 25th August, 2019 with the purpose of increasing space programme-based awareness.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has made an announcement of organizing an online Quiz competition not only for 11th and 12th students, but also for those students who are graduating from any stream. The date of the Preliminary Round, the Semi-Final Round, and the Final Round are 16th November 2019, 23rd November, 2019, and 30th November, 2019 respectively. General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and Basic Knowledge regarding ICSI and CS Course are the Syllabus for the online Quiz competition.
There are many online gaming platforms offering a plethora of online games and holding gaming contests, tournaments, and events along with quizzes. You are given opportunities to monetize your knowledge through quizzes on online gaming platforms.