Who started Fantasy Cricket for the very first time?

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Dream11 was the company who started fantasy sports for the first time in 2012 in India. So basically they were the one who started fantasy cricket for the very first time. Along with Fantasy cricket they introduced fantasy Kabaddi, Hockey and football. It was a gaming revolution as cricket fans were being converted into gamers because of this new concept.

The company was founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008. Then later they came up with the concept of fantasy sports for sports fans and primarily for cricket fans. The concept of making a team and running a contest was a very old concept but they were the one who made fantasy sports online for the very first time. In the beginning when you make your best fantasy team, the option of changing the team was not available after the toss. But now the rules have been amended to increase the winning percentage that will engage more players to their platform.

Now it’s currently the top i-gaming company for fantasy sports in India. The struggle they faced till now have paid well for them. They have reached great heights that many India companies dream off. We could also call them the creator of Indian fantasy Gaming. They are the one that initially made the market of fantasy gaming and brought a great amount of audience in a very short time.

Today the craze of fantasy cricket is increasing even if we are amid a coronavirus pandemic. After the Lockdown has ended and matches start on a regular basis people might break the record as they are crazy and waiting for the matches to start on a regular basis. They are still growing and hope they grow more. Today after so many years of launch many applications have fantasy sports in it and fantasy cricket as their prime sport. The prediction is that it will grow more as many people are preferring online gaming easy enough to play and earn money. Hope this was informative.